Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prosecco Party

The other day I hosted small gathering of close friends to celebrate a special someones birthday. Since I am now in culinary school, I knew that some of friends were expecting the best, I tried to put together a few small treats for us to snack on before heading out. The party was of course themed, well, because I just love themes. There was an over abundance of Prosecco, which I offered with Peach Puree and little balls of lemon sorbet. As well as two kinds of crostini, Caramelized onions with goat cheese and thyme, and Ricotta with Honey and Orange Zest. I also put a spin on the classic Prosciutto and Melon, by topping it off with a strawberry (something I learned from my catering boss). The star of the night, besides my beloved Giulia, was the Chocolate Espresso Mouse with Orange Mascarpone Cream. Here are some pictures, sorry there aren't more, the battery on my camera was charging :( Let me know what you think ?!?!


  1. Everything looks so cute and delicious!!

  2. looks yummy. not happy i was not invited! :)

  3. Everything was AMAZING! Especially the set up! I am usually not a dessert fan but the Espresso Mouse with Orange Mascarpone Cream was PERFECTION!!!! Thanks again Lauri!!! I love you lots