Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fab Finds !

Fab Finds aren't just for fashion anymore. For you culinary geeks like me, TJ Maxx, Ross, Home Goods & Marshalls are great places to find fancy smacy good quality olive oils, salts, and balsamic vinegars. My last professor kept telling us about the fab finds she would get there, Truffle Oil for $6 bucks, Truffle salt for $8. I finally decided to check it out for myself.Yesterday I visited my "local" TJ Maxx and look what I found !!!!! White Truffle Italian Olive Oil for $6.00, Balsamic Vinegar infused with Chilli Pepper for $12.99, and Madagascar Bourbon and Thaitian Vanilla for $12.99. I encourage you to run, skip, hop, or jump to your local discount store and find these Fabulous Finds for yourself. Just don't come to the one in Miami Beach :)

Here is what you want to look for when buying olive oil. It should come in a dark bottle, it protects the oil from going bad. We, as Americans are the ones who request clear bottles, but good quality olive from Italy or Spain most likely will be found in a dark glass bottle. Cloudy Olive Oil equals Fresh and Good. Most of us would think cloudy would mean spoiled, but in fact when the olives are first pressed (also known as the extra virgin olive oil) is comes out cloudy, so if you pour some out and it looks cloudy you are in luck, freshness is at your door! Another fun fact is that yes, Italy is the #1 producer of Olive Oil and is considered the best, but Spain is also a large producer, in fact since the space for Olive Growing in Italy is limited, so they import olives from Spain, but grind in press in Italy, therefore calling it Italian. (sorry if I burst the bubble for my Italian friends) none the less it is ALL Delicious !!!!