Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say GoodBye To The Nice Guys !

With my nutrition class coming to end I am mentally preparing myself for what's to come. I have my practical behind me, where I kindly started a little stove fire (it was a planned for my "firey green beans") and have my group presentation today on Mediterranean Foods. I have found this class to be a bright and pleasant surprise, although a lot of work. All of the Chefs Instructors I have had thus far have been the "Nice Guys" on campus, not to say that the others aren't, they just tend to lean more towards the "Hell's Kitchen" train of thought. With only 9 days per class, THE PRESSURE IS ON! It's hard to absorb, let alone "master" all the techniques they throw my way. My next class is "Fundamentals" where we have to master different eggs dishes and knife cuts. I know what you are all thinking, whats so hard about eggs, well all I can say is I have heard its hard ! I am going to start practicing NOW !!

Here are some pics of dishes from my Nutrition class (Top to Bottom: Grilled Portobello Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo, Grilled Chicken w/ Calypso Rice and grilled Veg, Greek Salad, and Israeli Couscous)

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  1. MY Cous Cous !!! Heee Hee I cannot believe you did not share this blog with me before this, great work my friend !!