Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Quick Little Catch Up !

So it has kind of been a while since I have visited my "blog" ... I have been in school for about a month now, and am LOVING it. I have just started a real "Cooking" Class so it made me think that I should get back to my blog and jot down my journey. I am going to back up a little since, this was suppose to capture my experiences from the beginning. My first class was a Beverage class, it was a great way to transition me back into school and into the culinary world. It made me realize how much I LOOOOVED wine and really want to make that a part of my career. Next class was Meatcutting, and although I do love meat, I don't particularly care cutting dead animal carcasses apart, or how they say in the Biz - fabricate. Nonetheless I got through the class, and learned a few tricks along the way. Now, I am in Nutrition and have had two days of cooking. This is what I have been waiting for, yet I find myself being intimidated, not by my Chef Instructors but more from my peers (who, ugggh, are 19 and 20). Here are some of the dishes from class, Baked Salmon with Moroccan Charmoula, Grilled Vegetables and Greek Shrimp - YUMMMMM !!!

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