Friday, January 14, 2011

Lentils - The way to a prosperous New Year !

It is a tradition in my family to make lentils on the first of the year, they say that the lentils represent coins and money, so if you eat a bowl you are sure to have money for the upcoming year. This year we decided to spruce up our normal humdrum lentil soup. Typically our Lentil soup would consist of the basics; carrots, celery and onions, diced ham, and sometimes potatoes. This year we added kale, shredded chicken and chicken sausage for some bulk and added flavor. I was a big fan of this soup although it is more of a "stoup" than soup. Here are some pics of our new and improved Lentil Soup in my new Dutch Oven Pot (which was also a Fab Find!)

I was sure to have a nice big bowl to make sure that my year was going to be a prosperous one !

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