Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner in Paradise ...

A few weeks ago I helped out with an event for school, it was an event I had been wanting to do for a while, needless to say it was rather interesting. The event was held at Paradise Farms, a local, organic, vegan farm in the Redlands;  Twice a month the farm hosts dinners where well respected Chefs come and cook a dish (or two), only usually organic and vegitatrian ingredients (seafood is OK) They have a budget to go spend at Whole Foods and are able to use anything from the from the farm. I will admit I have never been on a farm before and maybe in my imagination a farm would have everything labeled, but rather the farm at Paradise was more of a beautiful disarray of micro greens, edible flowers, and local Florida trees; like avocados and carambolas. There were three chefs participating in this dinner, and it was our responsibility to hold down the front of the house fort. I openly prefer the back of the house and found myself sneaking out back to snag pictures of their dishes, while neglecting my tables and potential tips. All in all the farm was "fun" - if anything it was an experience on a farm I won't forget. Maybe the next time I will be one of the chefs hosting the event !

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  1. GREAT photos! the food looks yummy. Rock on with your bad self, Laura. & I cant wait to hear about your food truck adventures. I am doing my first visit and write up this weekend for my goal...and hope is to meet up with biker jim. ill keep you posted! xoxo