Sunday, December 26, 2010

I have found Heaven - at least Food Truck Heaven!

I have been obsessed with Food Trucks for over a year now. It all  started in New York when I used to buy the Best Chai Latte from "Love Truck Coffee". I would send my mom links on all of these different kind of trucks and beg her to help me start a food truck. I told her she could drive and I would cook. Fast Forward to a year later, my food truck obsession/dream lives on. I heard the rumblings about food trucks in Miami, but never knew there were so many! Last Tuesday we were driving down Biscayne and just happen to run into the "food truck triangle roundup" (Biscayne and 109th) Every Tuesday night from 5:30- 10:00 food trucks line up in this undefined culdasac and share some of the best treats you may ever find ! It was our first time, and to be honest I was over excited and nervous at the same time. We ended up eating from a classic Cuban (cubansso) truck and got a pretty decent pan con bistec, the crispy fries are what set it apart. But then I ventured over to the one that originally caught my eye the "Slow Food Truck". It was amazing, I opted for the short rib sandwich, with arugula, crispy shallots and queso blanco. The bread was so soft and warm, with the deliciousness of the juicy short rib, spicy arugula, sweet shallots and mellow queso blanco. They even have dessert, and since I can never turn down a sweet treat, I grabbed three mini cupcakes, mostly excited about the one topped with bacon. All three were great !  If this isn't heaven, then I don't want to go anywhere else but here!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have discovered the New World !

Tomorrow will be my last day in New World Cuisine, besides starting a class with a group of new people (who have started to grow on me), we have learned to "master" the art of grilling, roasting and deep FAT frying. We also got to go back into history and re-learn about how the "New World" was discovered and good 'ol Christopher Columbus.  Besides the technical skills and history lessons learned, I was also re-introduced into the world of reading. Every foodie, has there collection of cookbooks, but we sometimes look past the "reading" books. Our project for the this class to was to write a reaction paper on what I now know to be a great book, "Letters to a Young Chef buy Daniel Boulud". When purchases this book I also got sidetracked and picked a few others, well a lot others. If you are a Food Lover, Foodie, or just like a good read, here are some books I recommend. Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain, The Man Who Ate Everything by Jefferey Steingarten, The Making of Chef by Michael Ruhlman.

Below is a picture of my grill marks from my practical - not bad for a first timer !

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Love Fall !

I love Fall ! Not only do I love the weather, the real weather up north, but I also love fall vegetables. We have been lucky enough to get some spurts of "cold" weather down here Miami, and that made me want to make some heart warming, yummy for my tummy risotto with butternut  squash. I took an tip or two form my good friend Giada and added some Vanilla as hint of sweetness and tons warmth.

Great tip for leftover risotto, is to make them into Arancini. I paired mine with a honey and sage dipping sauce - sorry no photos, ate them too fast before I could grab the camera.