Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have discovered the New World !

Tomorrow will be my last day in New World Cuisine, besides starting a class with a group of new people (who have started to grow on me), we have learned to "master" the art of grilling, roasting and deep FAT frying. We also got to go back into history and re-learn about how the "New World" was discovered and good 'ol Christopher Columbus.  Besides the technical skills and history lessons learned, I was also re-introduced into the world of reading. Every foodie, has there collection of cookbooks, but we sometimes look past the "reading" books. Our project for the this class to was to write a reaction paper on what I now know to be a great book, "Letters to a Young Chef buy Daniel Boulud". When purchases this book I also got sidetracked and picked a few others, well a lot others. If you are a Food Lover, Foodie, or just like a good read, here are some books I recommend. Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain, The Man Who Ate Everything by Jefferey Steingarten, The Making of Chef by Michael Ruhlman.

Below is a picture of my grill marks from my practical - not bad for a first timer !

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