Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey - It's been a while !

Now that I am on "Spring Break" (wheres my bikini top?) I have had a few minutes to myself which means I can actually do a few blog posts. Trimester two is officially over, I have one more trimester of labs and then I'm off to my muy importante internship and I'M DONE !!! There have been quite a few new and exciting things that have happened lately, so stay tuned for those cheeky blog spots coming your way.

Here are some pics of my last class Intro to Baking - not only did we learn the importance of scaling but we also learned how much butter goes into some pretty damn good cinnamon rolls !!!

Challah Bread (Top to Bottom - Three Knot, Four Knot, Five Knot, Six Knot)

Chocolate Cookies (we added Bacon)

Crossaints (Mmmm Mmmm Gooooood)

Cherry Pie (Before)

Cherry Pie (After)